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Universal Stars, Music Performance, Dance Performance, education, STEAM
8 Sep

Universal Parks – Student Performance Opportunities and Educational Programs

The Universal STEAM Program gives arts students a bevy of opportunities to perform, learn, and grow as musicians, dancers, and artists. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and each receives equal emphasis. When it comes to an arts experience, Universal Youth Programs are a select choice for school musicians. Instrumentalists can perform on stage or while marching. There are dozens of performance opportunities for them in the Universal Stars Performance Program. When they're not performing, they can attend master classes, workshops, and individual lessons. Just as the Universal...

Marching Band Parade in Disney Orlando
2 Aug

Marching Band Parade Opportunities in Orlando around Christmas

Between Christmas and New Year's Day, Orlando, Florida, offers marching bands plenty of opportunities to strut their stuff. The No. 1 parade at that time of year is the Florida Citrus Parade. Step-off is usually the morning of the same day as the Florida Citrus Bowl. It's televised nationally, and there are usually sports luminaries and other guests hosting the event. Other bowl game parades and halftime shows are an outstanding way to showcase your band. The Outback Bowl, for example, is in Tampa, which just about 80 miles from Orlando....

23 Jul

Plan an Alumni Music Tour to Vienna and Salzburg

Where are all your former Music students now? Is it time for a reunion? What about a reunion concert? If so, consider taking your alumni Ensemble on an exciting performance tour to Vienna and Salzburg. Whether your alumni are just out of high school or enjoying their retirement days, they’re sure to love singing with old friends in the historic and beautiful mountains, castles, and cathedrals of Austria. An alumni Ensemble is always a great way to bring old friends together and drive participation in all sorts of school activities but...

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