Multiracial High School Students


Start Planning

You Pick The Stage

Travel is a way for your performing ensemble to realize the grand scope of music in the world at large. The high school auditorium can feel pretty big to some students – until they see The Royal Albert Hall.  No matter the theme of your performing literature, Peak can help you tour the country of origin for some of your favorite pieces. Take your students to where it all started and they can carry that with them as they matriculate beyond your classroom.

No Translator Needed

Music transcends verbal language. We all know that as musicians. But to experience performing your favorite Copland piece in a different country can be truly magical. Peak will handle all of the logistical details so that you can prepare your students as both ambassadors for your home country, and attentive audiences for ensembles abroad.

” Traveling with Peak Performance has been a pleasure. After working with the company for a couple of years, I know I can worry about the music! All of the other details have been worked out. I also had the experience of knowing I there was a problem, PPT will take care of it! Thanks Bruce “

Lewis Kelly, Band Director

West Orange High School, West Orange, NJ