Band Trips

Band Trips

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Turn your band’s dream tour into a reality and make great music together. Peak handles all of your booking logistics, so you and your band can be on the road to success sooner than later. Experience a memorable, stress-free band trip with Peak Group Travel today.


Limitless opportunities for growth and improvement await any hard-working band. Band trips serve as both a reward for all their dedication so far; and a challenge so they can continue reaching new heights in the future.

Why Reinvent The Wheel?

Ensemble directors often look for activities to supplement their rehearsal room lessons including clinics and band trips. This can be a difficult task, from finding the right venue, to booking fun, educational activities. Peak is here to help you. Avoid burnout and the overwhelming feeling of planning a band trip. Peak Group Travel has the resources and vendor contacts to book all the activities and facilities for your trip to let you and your students experience a hassle-free excursion, while also strengthening your bond as musicians.

Bands Are Like Snowflakes

With extensive performance tour experience, Peak creates band trips that cater to your ensemble’s specific needs and aspirations – from the venue to the activities. We partner with you to best achieve the goals of your program, instead of plugging your program into a pre-existing itinerary.

Your Instrument To Success

Performance tour trips for your band are an incredible opportunity for your students to challenge themselves, raise the bar, and become better musicians. Don’t let the stress of moving all of those instruments to your destination overwhelm you. Peak can help facilitate instrument rental and shipping to make your tour a smooth experience.

Different Band Trips

National Band Championships
Disney Imagination Campus Workshops & Performance
Universal STARS Program Workshops & Performance
Band Workshop and Clinics
Festivals and Holidays

Musical Mastery

Revitalize your students’ passion for music and avoid the dreaded mid year plateau. Band trips expose your students to local and international talents at your destination. In doing so, they are encouraged to practice harder and play better while also gathering additional musical knowledge and education that refines their own skills and techniques.

Dynamic Learning

Escape the four walls of your band room and discover a vast world of musical knowledge. Embracing the freedom band trips give, your students will be able to learn independent living skills, as well as adding creativity and deeper appreciation for band. Let the world leave them curious, and continue to inspire your rising artists through band trips – locally and internationally. AND if your colleagues at home are concerned about students losing time in their other classrooms, Peak can assist with cross-curricular itinerary items to complete the student educational experience.

Socialization and Inspiration

A band trip is one of the best ways to give your students something to look forward to as part of their total band experience. It not only adds to your students’ musical knowledge and education but also helps them strengthen their bond with each other, resulting in better cooperation and greater performances for your ensembles. Revive your students’ spirits with Peak Group Travel and reignite excitement in them. From the start to the end of your trip, we have you covered.

” Peak Performance Tours is the best thing going in group travel. The planning is fabulous. The tour guides are responsive, helpful and flexible. On a Peak Performance Trip I can do two things I never could before: spend the majority of my time actually being a teacher for my students AND I can actually enjoy the trip myself. “

Chuck Schmidt, Band Director

The Langley School, McLean, VA