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The World Is Your Oyster

Going beyond the domestic experience and reaching out to the world is a great way to educate your students on what is possible when you think beyond your everyday environment. With Peak Group Travel, you are only limited by your budget and your imagination. Whether you teach Physics or Physical Education, Peak can help you build an itinerary to help your students see in real-time how those topics better them as world citizens. In an ever-shrinking global economy, international trips are an invaluable tool for their future.

History Before 1776

It’s easy for students to think that they only need to learn about what has happened domestically. Sharing the world and the thousands and thousands of years of history represented in other countries will help them to pause and reflect on what happened before and where your students fit in the world today. Peak Group Travel can work with you and your curriculum to bring the past to the present through your international tour

” This past February our music department had a remarkable experience in Italy under the leadership of Peak Performances. There is no doubt that it was life-changing for many of our students, and a trip that they, their parent chaperones, and our staff will never forget. The tour included copious performances that included singing at the Vatican, performing at Chiesa di Ognissanti with orchestra and choir, jazz performances and wind ensemble performances. Our travels took us through Rome, Florence and Venice- and included wonderful cuisine, guided tours, and many museums. Peak Performances attention to detail was evident from the time we boarded busses in the USA (and prior) all the way to our return home. All our groups were met at various airports by knowledgeable employees, and our four European guides in Italy were fantastic. To move over two hundred people around in such a smooth manner is not an easy task- and it was done with finesse and lots of smiles! I look forward to further travel with this company. Thanks to Bruce et al, lifelong memories were created for many! “

Tom Bateman, Choral Director

New Hope-Solebury HS, New Hope, PA