Eiffel Tower, France


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If you are thinking that is about that time to get some international travel under your belt for your Choir, might we suggest the beauty and splendor of France? A performance tour of France could be one of the greatest highlights in the singing careers of everyone in the choir. There are several performance opportunities available in the country that your choir could benefit immensely from. Not only that, but the country’s rich cultural history would provide plenty of chances for sightseeing and taking in a wealth of unique experiences available. Planning such an excursion can be daunting, but let Peak Performance Tours create a proposed itinerary for your trip to France. We can make it so that your energy goes to the purpose of your trip–putting on your choir’s performances!

Potential performance venues in Paris

France is home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals, churches, and performance halls in the world. In just Paris you can find such legendary spaces as the Montmartre Sacre-Coeur Basilica. Saint-Germain-des-Prés Church, La Sainte-Chapelle, Madeleine Church, St. Roch Church, St. Ephrem Church, Église des Billettes, and Saint-Sulpice Church are a well-known for hosting classical concerts and choir groups. It is a definite possibility that one of these locations could be where we help plan out a Paris performance for your choir!

Obviously, Paris is known as an epicenter for fine art. Everyone from Matisse to Picasso made their name in Paris, so what a delight it will be for your choir to get to tour some of Paris’s fine art museums and galleries. Better still, one of the most renowned art museums, the Louvre, actually has classical and choir performances in places like their Oratory. While your choir is in France can use cities in France to expand their knowledge of the arts beyond music.


Not to be outdone in terms of grandeur, there are beautiful and grand churches and cathedrals throughout Marseille–most notably the famed Marseille Cathedral. There are also theBasilique Notre-Dame de la Garde and Abbaye Saint-Victor. a performace for your Choir in Marseille could be just as unforgettable as in Paris.

Food in France

When in France can use cities in France as destinations for your choir to also explore genuine French cuisine. There are few greater pleasures than life than having a simple croissant in it’s country of origin. Your choir can have ample opportunity between performances to sample French classics from ratatouille and coq au vin to more adventurous fare like escargot and duck confit. If any of your choir members are wine enthusiasts, there is plenty of that to sample as well. The culinary adventures available to visitors of France can end up being one of the highlights of your performance tour!

We know that your choir has worked extremely hard on their craft and we want to do everything we can to make this trip one of memories that will forever be cherished. Thankfully, helping to make lifelong memories is what we do and we have a lot of experience at it. We can help pick the venues, the sightseeing excursions, and can make further recommendations on everything from lodging to where are the must-try spots for your choir to eat. We are in this to make your job easier, so you can just focus on helping your choir put on the best shows that they can and enjoying the beauty that is France. We cannot wait to be of service to you.